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Did you know...

PIRVEC - Strategic Plan for the Development of EV Charging Infrastructure

The PIRVEC Plan for Electric Vehicles aims to encourage Catalonia's electric mobility development

Published 06-07-2016

The agreement between the Generalitat and BBVA will secure a 1,800 properties for social housing

Published 05-07-2016
1 in every 4

1 out of every 4 vehicles manufactured in Spain is produced in Catalonia

Published 01-07-2016
Smithsonian Institution

Catalonia will be the guest country at the 2018 Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, D.C.

Published 01-07-2016
Budget 2016

73.6% of the budget for 2016 has been assigned to social spending

Published 26-05-2016
EU Competitive Programmes

Catalonia matches Austria, Denmark and Finland in terms of EU Competitive Programme funding

Published 11-05-2016
1986 EC enlargment

The Catalan Pro-Europe Board opened the first delegation in Brussels after the EC's 1986 enlargement

Published 10-05-2016
Agriculture and food industry

Catalonia's agriculture and food industry employs over 75,000 people

Published 28-04-2016
European Gastronomy Region 2016

Catalonia's recognition as a European Region of Gastronomy encourages a local consumption model

Published 27-04-2016
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