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Catalan government prepares for Brexit Catalan government preparing candidature for Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games Pyrenees-Barcelona 2030 Catalan government approves open data strategy and adoption of International Open Data Charter Catalonia: a world leader in technology Catalonia, a world leader in organ transplants
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    • If no new Government is formed after elections, the acting Government must continue its functional role until a new Executive assumes office
    • The interim Government must limit its activities in the field of public affairs
    • It may not present draft legislation to the Parliament of Catalonia nor can it approve the Generalitat's budget
    Infographic on how to vote from abroad in Spain's general elections of December 20 (in Catalan)
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    President Mas: "Never should the success of democracy end up appearing before the courts of law"

    The 9-N participative process was held in Catalonia as a result of the State’s constant denial to accept any form of referendum offered by the Generalitat
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    • For the first time in history, one single candidature has won in every one of Catalonia’s 42 regions (comarques)
    • The 2015 elections to the Parliament of Catalonia are the elections with the highest participation rate on record (77.4% turnout)
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    The Government's external action strengthens Catalonia’s global presence, protects the interests of businesses and citizens, and serves to explain the national transition process to international institutions.
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    The Government of Catalonia approves the 2015 Annual Cooperation Plan for Development

    The Executive approves its Annual Cooperation Plan for Development in line with the commitments set out in the 2015-2018 Master Plan for Development Cooperation passed by Parliament in April. The document aims to further uphold, protect and guarantee women’s rights as well the collective human rights of peoples which the Government considers to be a fundamental part of Catalan cooperation. The plan will have a total budget of €16,248,645 in ODA, a 14% increase on the previous year
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    Youth Guarantee: The Government of Catalonia's new approach to tackle youth unemployment

    The Government of Catalonia will implement its new youth employment programme, Garantia Juvenil 2014-2020 as a means to create jobs and strengthen its measures in fighting unemployment. The Executive's programme is in conjunction with the European Commission's Youth Employment Initiative (YEI), a strategy launched across Europe to address the high unemployment rate among youths. Furthermore, from the YEI’s €6bn budget, which is distributed among the European Union Member States, €241m has been made available to Catalonia through joint funding from the Generalitat and the European Social Fund.
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    Over 18,000 jobs were added to the Catalan economy this past April, registering one of the biggest drops in unemployment seen since 1996. In total 58,848 Jobs have been created in the last year showing a 9.6% drop in unemployment rate, 2.1% more than the Spanish average. The following In2minutes visually summarizes these trends and outlines the measures implemented by the Government of Catalonia to continue the fight against unemployment.
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    The Government of Catalonia presents 158 specific 'actions' to boost Catalan industry

    The Government of Catalonia outlines 158 ‘specific actions’ to boost its industry in terms of productivity, sustainability and the internationalisation of the Catalan economy
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    Basic Data on Catalonia

    • Basic socio-economic data on Catalonia
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