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Catalan government declares climate emergency Catalan government expands its presence in the world with the opening of three new delegations Catalan government prepares for Brexit Catalan government preparing candidature for Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games Pyrenees-Barcelona 2030 Catalan government approves open data strategy and adoption of International Open Data Charter
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    The Government of Catalonia presents 158 specific 'actions' to boost Catalan industry

    The Government of Catalonia outlines 158 ‘specific actions’ to boost its industry in terms of productivity, sustainability and the internationalisation of the Catalan economy
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    Basic Data on Catalonia

    • Basic socio-economic data on Catalonia
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    • Barcelona’s GSMA Mobile World Congress is the world’s leading event for the mobile industry, bringing together the telecommunication sector’s top companies and professionals
    • This year, the impact of the event on the local economy was estimated to be 436 million euros and created 12,675 part-time jobs
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    President Mas: "We must make the most of the coming months to prepare Catalonia if it is to become a State"

    President Artur Mas announced a series of initiatives which the Government will fully commit itself to during the remaining months in office. These Executive actions are in addition to the work carried out to date and will bolster the Government’s key priorities.
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    Rebuilding Catalonia: Year in Review

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    The President of the Catalan Government held a conference on the 25th of November where he explained his route-map for the stages following the 9-N. The conference took place in the Forum de Barcelona in front of an audience of more than 3,000 people.
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    After 100% of the polling stations submitted their results, the participative day of the 9N process attained a participation turnout of 2,305,290.
     The votes cast during the 9-N participative process were distributed as follows:
    • Yes-Yes: 80.76% (1,861,753 participations)
    • Yes-No: 10.07% (232,182 participations)
    • Yes-Blank: 0.97% (22,466 participations)
    • No: 4.54% (104,772 participations)
    • Blank (NOTA): 0.56% (12,986 participations)
    • Other contributions: 3.09% (71,131 participations)
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    Media Center

    Basic information on the proceedings, the arrangements and the developments that led to of the participative process of November 9th.
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    The device to bring about the citizen’s participative process of November 9th allowing Catalans to declare their opinion on the political future of the country will be available in 99.9% of all municipalities in Catalonia (942 of the 947). The arrangements will comprise of 6,695 polling stations distributed through 1,317 participation locations and will be assisted by 40,930 volunteers across the nation.
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    November 9th: Participation and Voting

    Participation and Voting on November 9th - General Information:

    • There will be at least 600 locations and more than 6,000 polling stations open so participation and voting can take place
    • 20,000 volunteers will be needed at the polling stations
    • All who, according to their National Identification Document, hold residency in Catalonia will be able to vote
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