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22-04-2016 16.15

Government Plan

11th Legislature

On Tuesday, the President of the Catalan Government, Carles Puigdemont, presented the new Government Plan which comprises 750 specific measures that are to be launched throughout the current legislature together with 45 laws which, according to Puigdemont, will put Catalonia “at the gates” of a new state.
In2minutes: Government Plan
1.     A fairer country: a new welfare state for everyone

1.1.   Social affairs and social protection
1.2.   Equality, Migration and Citizenship
1.3.   Housing and basic supplies
1.4.   Education policies
1.5.   Health
1.6.   Culture
1.7.   Sport
2.      A country with more and better jobs: an economy at the people’s service

2.1.   Labour
2.2.   Fiscal and financial policy
2.3.   Business and competitiveness
2.4.   Professional qualification, universities and research
2.5.   Agriculture, livestock, fisheries and food
2.6.   Infrastructures, mobility and urban policy
2.7.   Environment and Sustainability
3.      A country of best practices: citizenry and democratic regeneration
3.1.   Public Administration
3.2.   Transparency, open government and public procurement
3.3.   Foreign Affairs and Institutional Relations
3.4.   Justice
3.5.   Security
3.6.   Information and Communications Technology
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