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This morning, at Palau Centelles, the Catalonia-Flanders Plan 2019-21 was officially signed at a ceremony chaired by the Director General for Foreign Relations, Mireia Borrell. The event was also attended by the Secretary General for Foreign Affairs of the Flanders government, Freddy Evens, who made the closing remarks. Both officials made the plan official by signing it at the ceremony.
Governments of Catalonia and Flanders sign cooperation plan for 2019-21 04.04.2019

Programme includes institutional cooperation on international and EU affairs

The Minister for Foreign Action, Institutional Relations and Transparency, Alfred Bosch, today chaired a meeting of the Emergency Humanitarian Aid Committee to deal with the crisis in Mozambique caused by Cyclone Idai.
Catalan government acts swiftly to help people of Mozambique 02.04.2019

Minister Bosch: 'We're coordinating a rapid response to this humanitarian crisis'

Did you know...
3,374 Catalan companies currently export to the United Kingdom. The total value of these exports is ?3.9 billion.
3,374 Catalan companies export to the U.K. The total value of these exports is €3.9 billion.

The Finestreta Brexit (Brexit information service) is advising Catalan companies to help them prepare contingency plans
The Finestreta Brexit is advising Catalan companies to help them prepare contingency plans
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