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#MWC17 Statement on the 9N Trial The Government's response to Climate Change PISA 2015 Results A Digital Society
  • #195
    • The Mobile World Congress exceeds expectations and becomes yet another international success in the mobile industry
  • #192
    • Official Statement by the President of the Catalan Government on the prosecution of former President Artur Mas, former Vice President Joana Ortega and former Education Minister Irene Rigau
  • #191
    • The Catalan scientific community and the Generalitat present the 3rd Report on Climate Change in Catalonia
  • #184

    Catalonia is the country with the most significant improvement in scientific performance out of all EU and OECD countries

    • For the first-time Catalonia is above the average in Spain, the European Union and the OECD in the three competence fields assessed
  • #177

    Why does Catalonia need a National Agreement for a Digital Society?

    • The Catalan Government, together with the 4 Provincial Councils and local institutional representatives, have pledged their commitment for the development of a digital society throughout the Catalan territory
    • In conjunction with the local community, the Government wants to build a digital society that goes beyond a simple collection of initiatives put forward by various administrations
  • #174
    Infographic on the President's opening speech in Parliament on the General Political Orientation of the Catalan Government
  • #173
    Infographic on the President's question of confidence speech to the Parliament of Catalonia
  • #169
    • Infographic of the Spanish state's funding model vis-à-vis Catalonia
    • The 2014 funding model placed Catalonia in third position in terms of per capita tax contribution but tenth in terms of the resources it received from the central government
  • #164
    • Catalonia could adapt its working schedule to a healthier and more efficient timetable
    • A redistribution of working hours could improve the quality of life, the balance between work and private life and increase economic competitiveness
  • #163

    In 2015, the Generalitat prevented 4,334 evictions in Catalonia

    With last week's agreement between the Catalan Government and BBVA, which secured 1,800 properties for social use, the Generalitat will now manage 26,660 flats to increase the number of affordable houses for vulnerable families and guarantee the right to housing in Catalonia.
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